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FarmOn! Foundation

FarmOn! Milk Money
Local School Lunch Initiative: Cow-to-Kid in 36 hours!


FarmOn! Milk Money local school milk initiative started in 2013 in the Hudson Valley and is expanding yearly to many school districts.


Join FarmOn! Foundation to enroll your school: Tessa@farmonfoundation.org

In partnership with the Hudson Valley Fresh dairy cooperative, the FarmOn! Foundation is proudly offering a school lunch initiative by subsidizing the cost of local milk to lunch rooms for students and offering to implement the program in your school district. Local, nutrient dense premium quality milk served to your child will not only increase consumption for health and wellness, but it helps ensure a living wage is paid to farmers too! FarmOn!

Our Mission!

FarmOn! Foundation is dedicated to bringing awareness to food choices and sources and reinvigorating respect for farming, inspiring young people to choose agricultural careers to create an economic engine connecting rural and urban marketplaces.

By educating entrepreneurial oriented youth on how to create economically and environmentally sustainable farming operations that support succession across generations we engage local communities to participate in the production, distribution and consumption of locally produced food products, we develop a commerce as an economic engine in the Hudson Valley and change the future of farming.

What does FarmOn! Foundation do?

The FarmOn! Foundation creates and funds youth educational programs in the Hudson Valley and benefits from events to promote community, commerce, and sustainability in local agriculture to shift your thinking and change the way you eat.

Why is FarmOn! important?

Local food is our future. We can no longer afford to truck food from thousands of miles away, sacrificing nutrition, wasting energy, and undermining local farming economies in the process. Only by reconnecting consumers with the importance of their local farmers can we reverse this dangerous and unsustainable trend. The oldest honorable profession—farming—needs to be re-established for our health; for our children; and for the economy of our local communities. Only when the costs of trucking, storage and distribution is redirected to the local Farmer will farming once again become a profitable business…and attract future generations of farmers. THAT is sustainable farming. By supporting succession on the farm and funding educational youth programs and experiences for the next generation of farmers, FarmOn! Foundation is working to preserve family farming in America.



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