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Mission Statement

Hudson Valley Fresh, Inc. will encourage the growth of a strong and sustainable, local and regional food system within and for the Hudson River Valley, deeply rooted and nurtured through collaboration, community engagement and education.

We are a not-for-profit dairy cooperative dedicated to preserving the agricultural heritage of the Hudson River Valley and promoting it as one of the premier food regions of the United States.

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Hudson Valley Seed

Hudson Valley Seed educates children in nutrition and wellness through curriculum-integrated lessons in school gardens.

Each week, HVS educators bring over 1,500 students from across the Hudson Valley out to school gardens to read, write and learn math and science. During garden time students also taste new vegetables and learn about health and wellness. Not only do students excel when they can learn information experientially, but to be their best selves students and their families must have the tools to make nutrition a daily priority. Hudson Valley Seed facilitates both and makes experiential learning and wellness accessible to students of all backgrounds.

The change in behavior accomplished by Hudson Valley Seed’s weekly garden program is due to the in-depth intervention we can provide students because of our weekly exposure to the same group of children. By aligning with New York State’s Common Core, Hudson Valley Seed can integrate wellness education into the weekly schedule of a public school classroom.

As our students draw and tend their plants they also gain an enthusiasm for trying new vegetables. As students paint a garden mural they also begin to understand their role as environmental stewards. When parents come into a classroom to help start seeds, a parent-child bond around healthy eating is fostered. 

Every week, our students are growing into healthy, engaged, and academically successful members of their community.

Learn more at hudsonvalleyseed.org