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Meet the Stars

Get to know your local cows from Hudson Valley Farms.
Meet “Bristol” from Domino Farm

All About Bristol



Birthdate:  January 1, 2007 (She just turned 10!)

About Bristol:

  • Her full name is Dominos Blair Bristol.
  • She spends most of her time in the spring, summer, and fall outside, when she’s not being milked. In the winter, she spends her time in a nice warm barn with her fellow cows.


Bristol is a Jersey. Jersey are:

  • One of the most popular breed of cow in the U.S
  • Originally from the British Channel Island of Jersey, between England and France.
  • Brown, ranging from light tan to dark brown.
  • One of the smallest breeds of dairy cows. Fully grown Jersey don’t usually grow heavier than 1,100 pounds and only reaches heights of 46″ inches.
  • Known for high butterfat content in their milk.

Bristol and Her Friends


Lives In Accord, New York

Domino Farm, the DeWitt Family


Fun Facts About the Domino Farm 

  • The DeWitt Family has been farming since 1955 and have an entirely purebred Jersey herd for the past 30 of those years.

  • The American Jersey Cattle Association has ranked Domino Farm in the top 10 herds, either of their size or of any size, in the nation for the amount of milk, fat, and protein they produce.

  • The Domino Farm Jerseys eat silage, which is made from hay and corn grown by the DeWitt family on their farm and on neighboring land.


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FUN FACT:  Dairy cows can drink between 30 & 50 gallons of water every day, and can double that amount when it’s hot.