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Hudson Valley Fresh Visits the Dr. Oz Show to Talk Dairy

HVF’s Sam Simon visited the Dr. Oz show to talk about the nutritional value of dairy! Watch the segment Thursday, February 2, 2017 at 1 PM on Fox 5. 

FarmOn! Foundation Connects Farms to Kids in Poughkeepsie Schools

 FarmOn! Foundation Connects Farms to Kids in Poughkeepsie Schools, Plants Victory Garden & Inspires Kids to Eat Healthy with NBA Athletes   There’s a missing link between farms and schools – it’s essential that we bridge it for the health of our children and our communities. FarmOn! Foundation in partnership with the Poughkeepsie Farm Project […] Read more

How Much Protein Is In Your Cup of Milk?

Want to get in on a little secret? It’s a really good one … and once you hear it, you’ll be surprised you didn’t know it already: Protein is hugely important for our bodies for so many reasons. That’s not the secret, though. Here’s a hint: You can easily get eight grams of protein by […] Read more

Farm to Fridge: How Best Practices Keep Your Milk Safe

From the farm to your fridge, there are many folks along the way who share the responsibility for protecting the quality and safety of your favorite milk and dairy products. Thanks to them, these delicious and nutritious beverages and foods are among the safest and highest quality foods in the U.S. It all begins on […] Read more

Why you should try chocolate milk after a workout

By Gabriella Boston February 3       The Washington Post No gluten, no meat, no dairy: You know the story. The don’t-eat-any-foods-from-your-childhood diet has been in vogue for a while now, but one “bad guy” seems to be making a comeback, at least among athletes: milk. “I think it’s great. Chocolate milk has a lot of benefits […] Read more

The whole truth about “whole milk”

  Whole milk isn’t made wholly of fat, or largely of fat, or even substantially of fat. In fact, it doesn’t contain much fat all. Whole milk is actually only about 3.5 percent fat. The reason it’s called “whole milk” has less to do with its fat content, than the fact that it’s comparatively unadulterated. As the […] Read more

Farm fresh milk from the Hudson Valley to NYC

By Sherry Bunting Do you wonder how far your milk travels? Do you want to know how it is produced? Do you assume the label ‘organic’ means ‘local’? Think again. The terms ‘carbon-footprint’, ‘environmentally-friendly’ and ‘locally-grown’ are often assumed under an ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ label. But they are not neatly bundled together this way. An […] Read more

Happy Cows Make Happy Milk

 This year, kids in three eastern Hudson Valley school districts will be drinking fresh, top-quality, local milk with their lunches thanks to a confluence of creative energy and funding from several sources—and the urging of the kids themselves. “Many of our students were drinking Hudson Valley Fresh milk at home,” says Sandra J. Gardner, public […] Read more

Is this milk antibiotic – free?

Is this milk antibiotic-free? By Sherry Bunting For Columbia-Greene Media registerstar.com | 0 comments Organic. Natural. Local. Antibiotic-Free. Hormone-Free, and now the talk is about GMO-Free… Are you confused by food labeling? Do you question what milk to bring home for your family? What about whole milk and butter? Is milk fat really healthy fat? How […] Read more

New Years Eve for Kids

This past New Year’s Eve kids celebrated with their families before bed-time on December 31, 2013. They enjoyed ice-skating on Riverbanks State Park’s covered rink and had a dance party from 11 am to 2 pm, all with free admission. The highlight was a countdown to noon, with a party full of prizes, music, a […] Read more