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“Good morning.  This past Sunday I had the pleasure of taste testing your products at Uncle Giuseppe’s in Smithtown, NY.   I have to say, your eggnog is by far the most delicious eggnog I have have experienced!  It’s a great product! Wishing you and your co-workers (animals included) a wonderful holiday season!”

– Joanne

“Thanks for introducing us to Hudson Valley Fresh…Best Chocolate milk we ever had..Tell the girls (cows) to keep up the good work.”

– Chris Ludwig

Dear Hudson Valley Fresh,
We love chocolate milk.
For years, we have tried different local brands.
We recently discovered your chocolate milk in the Union Market on 7th Ave in the South Slope.
It was a REVELATION!...
Silky and satiny and smooth and SO chocolate-y!
We couldn't believe how great it was...
and thought it must have been a SUPER bottle or something.
We actually were swept away, that we actually bought bottles of three other brands that we have gotten in the past...
just to confirm our reaction.
Nothing....even from very good companies... came even close to your magic!
Congratulations......we are amazed.
– Phyllis & Mitch Brooklyn
Thank you for providing local residents with delicious, all-natural Hudson Valley Fresh milk! It's a blessing to have milk from our neighboring farms, where cows are raised free from antibiotics, hormones or GMOs, and to have confidence in the dairy products we buy. Much healthier that prevalently displayed soft drinks, the rich, hearty flavor of individual - - serving bottle of Hudson Valley Fresh Lowfat Chocolate milk is my favorite pick-me-up while shopping or to accompany a take-out meal. I originally purchased Hudson Valley Fresh milk by the half-gallon at Adams Fairacre Farms in Poughkeepsie, and I've been pleased to find it available in Stop & Shop's dairy case.
– Mary from Poughkeepsie
I just wanted to let you know how great it's been sending my son to school every day with money to buy milk--I refused to do it last year! The kids seem to be really loving it--attached please find a photo of a student slurping up his chocolate milk!!
– Danielle from Haldane Central School
The milk was very good...I guess happy cows do make a difference.
– John C.
I just had to tell you that your milk is THE freshest tasting milk I've ever had. I grew up in Maine, where the milk always tasted fresh and there were some great dairy farms. When I moved to NYC this past August I thought I'd be disappointed by not having access to fresh foods. Then I came across a bottle of Hudson Valley Chocolate Milk, which was so delicious and refreshing that your milk is now the only kind I drink. I checked out your website and love everything about the way you do business, so I just wanted to send an email and compliment everyone at your company! Good to see someone taking care of their land and cows and producing a wonderful product. Thanks.
– Kate B.
I just wanted to let you know how happy our school is with our new local milk. Thanks so much for working with us in the Wellness Committee to make this happen! We are very proud to be one of the few public schools serving fresh, local milk to all its students.
– Sandy from Haldane Central School
I tasted the most delicious milk I have ever tasted in my life from the Hudson Valley Fresh milk company.
– Brian O.