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Meet the Stars

Get to know your local cows from Hudson Valley Farms.
Meet “Shay” from Coon Brothers Farm

All About Shay


Birthdate:  June 4, 2016

About Shay:

  • Her full name is Smithfield Crunch Shay.
  • She drinks milk and water and eats grain and hay.


Shay is a Guernsey. Guernseys are:

  • The most popular breed of cow in the U.S
  • Originally from the British Channel Island of Guernsey, between England and France.
  • Orange-brown and white.
  • One of the larger breeds of dairy cows. Fully grown Guernsey cows can weight up to 1500 pounds and be 58 inches tall.
  • High producing. They give very high volumes of milk, sometimes up to 16,000 pounds per year.

Shay and Her Friends


Lives In Amenia, New York

Coon Brothers Farm, the Coon Family


Shay’s Friends on the Farm:

  • She is one of around 600 cows on the farm—350 are milking cows, the rest are young cows.
  • The Coons feed their cows Total Mixed Rations (or TMR). This is a combination of nutritionally-balanced forage and grain.
  • The cows get milked in a parlor, which allows for a very clean, very efficient process.
  • They have food and water all times.

Fun Facts About the Coon Brother’s Farm 

  • The Coon Family has been farming for over fifty years and throughout three generations.

  • Since they began the farm, they have been a leader in environmental stewardship and have since made those pursuits a priority in their farming practices.


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FUN FACT:  Dairy cows can drink between 30 & 50 gallons of water every day, and can double that amount when it’s hot.