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Meet the Stars

Meet “Phyllis” from Tollgate Farm

Get to know your local cows from Hudson Valley Farms.

FUN FACT:  Dairy cows can drink between 30 & 50 gallons of water every day, and can double that amount when it’s hot.

All About Phyllis



Age: 8 weeks

Birthdate:  June 16, 2016

About Phyllis:

  • Her full name is Tollgate Vu Gold Chip Phyllis
  • She has family members named Phiephie, PhaPha, and Phaedra.
  • She drinks milk and water and eats grain and hay.


Breed:  Holstein 

  • The most popular breed of cow in the U.S
  • Originally from the Netherlands
  • Most are black and white, but some are dark red and white.
  • Fully grown holsteins can weight up to 1800 pounds and be 58 inches tall.
  • They produce the greatest volume of milk of all cows.

Phyllis and Her Friends



Lives In Ancramdale, New York

Tollgate Farm, the Davenport Family


Phyllis’s Friends on the Farm:

  • She is one of around 140 cows on the farm—64 are milking cows, 80 young cows.
  • Phyllis is a holstein, but some of her friends are Ayrshires, a mahogany and white cow that is a little smaller in stature.
  • The cows sleep on kiln dried sawdust that is changed every day. Each cow has her own stall and goes out every day for exercise.
  • The cows get milked twice a day—at 3:30 AM and 3:30 PM.
  • They have food and water all times.

Most of the food for Tollgate’s cows is grown on the farm.

  • The Davenports manage 140 acres of tillable land

  • They grow enough grass for hay and corn for silage to feed the whole herd.

  • A dietician visits the farm regularly to help adjust the cows’ diet, so that it provides them will all the nutrients they need to stay healthy and produce high-quality, nutritious milk.
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